12 best mattresses in the UK for 2018

Mattresses often outlive our beds, so when it comes to buying a new one, it’s worth picking wisely. Especially as they don’t come cheap. Even the cheapest ones will set you back about £50, such as this basics John Lewis one , which is one of the cheapest mattresses we could find, yet will still […]

10 best fridge freezers

Fridge freezers are a lifesaver when it comes to space saving in the kitchen, combining two essential items in one. But being such a key part of our lives, it’s crucial that we pick a right one for us. With prices ranging from £300 to into the thousands, there’s plenty of options to pick from, […]

Google apologises for glitch that left smart speakers unable to answer questions

Google has apologised after a technical glitch left its internet-connected Google Home speakers unable to respond to queries. The smart speakers house the artificial intelligence-powered Google Assistant which responds to voice commands and requests. Users worldwide reported that queries were met with the response of “there was a glitch” or “sorry, something went wrong” and […]

Two ‘second Earths’ more similar to our planet than first thought – could harbour alien life

A pair of planets dubbed “second Earths” are more closely related to our planet than first thought. Kepler-186f and Kepler-62f – located approximately 500 and 1,200 light years away respectively are two exoplanets that could potentially harbour alien life. They are both within the “habitable zone” of their parent star, similar to Earth’s location in […]

What is a blood moon? Here’s why the moon turns red during a lunar eclipse

The UK is set to experience a “blood moon” next month as our lunar neighbour turns a deep coppery shade of red. It’s a fairly common phenomenon that happens roughly twice a year – but has always had mysterious connotations. Plenty of conspiracy theorists have seized on blood moons as evidence of the coming apocalypse. […]